Our core product, Ipay, is a comprehensive software solution. It is packed with revenue generating and timesaving features such as Time Off Accrual, Multiple State Filings, 401k Submissions, direct deposit, and much more. It is robust and flexible and works for payroll bureaus of nearly any size.

Ipay Online

A true, single sign-on solution HR and Payroll data is housed in a common, secure SQL database in the cloud. Data changes happen in real time — there is no waiting for synchronization. If you make an employee edit in the HR module, it is changed in Payroll and vice versa. HR/payroll data seamlessly synchs with time keeping.

Ipay Remote

This unique, user friendly option gives you the freedom to enter their payroll data remotely through your personal computers. You can generate reports and print your own checks! An ideal option for complex companies with diverse payroll.


The Itime solution defines practicality in today’s timekeeping industry. Our TimeClock is easy to set up – just plug it in and begin punching. It’s also easy to use – simply punch in and out with the push of a button, swipe of a card, through a finger verification scan, or online through your PC.

The Itime solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind. There is NO software to install, and you can simply view, edit, and run reports right through your Web browser. Our web-based server automatically does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting quickly and accurately.

Itime takes it even a step further and integrated directly with the payroll. Take the human error out of the equation and allow a smooth process that will save time and accuracy.