The Process

The IBR Payroll process for payroll implementation has four primary stages. Here is a summary of the key steps in each stage. This does not include every item.

Customization = Acceleration

System setup & customization is a key part of the Execution stage. Ipay is designed to deliver maximum efficiency by automating routine tasks. Getting these timesaving benefits does require an investment of time upfront to set up the employees and the reports needed for each client, but it will reap huge perpetual dividends later as you zoom through processing.

More than a checklist

Working through the process is more than just checking off things on a long list. Your IBR Payroll project manager is trained to ask probing questions about your operation to identify opportunities to increase efficiency. Not only will you gain improvements from your new payroll processor, but you may also find tremendous gains through changes to your business processes.

Stage 1: Initiation

The payroll implementation process kicks of with a warm welcome from the IBR team. You’ll get a welcome call, welcome email. These provide an introduction to your IBR key contacts, an overview of what to expect next, the options and ancillary products available to you, details about tech support, billing procedures and helpful forms and bureau tools.

During this stage, the preliminary project requirements will also be defined.

Stage 2: Planning

This is where the real work begins! Through a series of phone calls (or face-to-face visits) your IBR project manager (PM) will explore and document your specific needs and requirements.

Based upon these findings, a your PM will produce a detailed project plan. This consists of a chart schedule with critical paths and contingencies as well as a written summary with clearly defined goals and assignments. This project plan is your roadmap to success.

During Planning you will also begin training and lay the groundwork for conversion.

Stage 3: Execution

This stage runs from installation of all necessary hardware and software all the way through live processing and conversion of all clients. There are numerous defined steps along the way, including Ipay setup and training, parallel processing, automated and manual conversion, verification and validation and fully live processing. Your PM will guide you through each step of the process, working with you and your internal resources to reach the end business goal.

Stage 4: Project Close

The implementation process does not end until all clients have been converted AND you have successfully made it through a quarter end. We provide support during that time and once you are successfully through, we have a project closeout and review. Even after that our service to our clients does not end. Our customer service and support after a successful switch does not slow down.