About IBR

Our Fundamental Philosophy –

Your payroll represents the primary and most consistent link you have with your most valuable asset, your work force. We take that very seriously in preparing your payroll. We recognize the vast majority of the workforce is living paycheck to paycheck regardless of that paycheck’s size. We take great pride in ensuring your employees are paid accurately and timely. At IBR, your payroll is managed by a person with a name, not a consortium of “customer service representatives.” We take the time to build relationships.

Core Strengths –

We offer the experience of an affordable payroll platform without all the nickel and dime charges. Our service professionals’ knowledge, experience, and understanding is deep and far reaching. We have over 25 years of practice in payroll and accounting related activities. We read and follow the ever-changing payroll laws and regulations so you don’t have to. Our roots in the highly competitive supermarket industry challenged us to focus on efficiency and effectiveness long before it was fashionable. Out commitment to deliver value is twofold, to save you hard dollars by having a competitively priced product. Also, we assist by reallocating soft dollars in conserving your limited time and valuable resources.

History –

IBR Payroll was independently established in 2002 as a spin off operation from the former supermarket wholesaler Malone & Hyde. Our primary function was to provide a high quality accounting and payroll alternative for independent supermarket operators at a very competitive price. We have since extended far past our original roots of supermarkets. We now service customers in just about every arena of business you see today. We currently are growing across the United State and are not limited to a localized clientele. As our technology grows so does the opportunities for potential and existing clients.